Kevin Urie

Kevin Urie is Chief Digital Strategist at Destination Marketing, an advertising and branding agency that specializes in making companies market leaders. In his position, he is responsible for the strategic development of all of Destination Marketing’s clients online marketing programs.

Though friends who grew up with him think he is a ‘geek,” Kevin doesn’t see himself that way. Mostly, he is curious: a knowledge seeker, lifelong learner and passionate poser of questions.

Kevin is founder and president of SMC Seattle, an affiliate of the national Social Media Club. He is responsible for this huge movement that is bringing people from diverse networks together to promote social media literacy, share best practices, and find ways to collaborate.

Under Kevin’s leadership, in just one year, SMC Seattle has become one of the largest marketing and fastest growing groups in Seattle and is one of the largest Social Media Clubs in the world. SMC Seattle events consistently sell out, with between 100 and 300 attendees at each meeting.

ChangeItMarketing.com, Kevin’s blog, gives people who are passionate about marketing—or just want to learn more about it—a spot to listen, lurk and exchange ideas. He writes about all things marketing, including today’s traditional, online and social media strategies, the latest tech news and the promise of future technology.

Kevin is happiest when he is nudging people to think of things in different ways. You would have recognized him in school. He was that excited kid who said, “But I found another way to do it!”

A few things you might now know about Kevin

• He often finds himself explaining to people that Destination Marketing is not a travel marketing company.

• If he could rewind his life and play it again, he might be a college football coach.

• He’s a gadget-freak who remembers his college job selling electronics at Good Guys as one of the best gigs he has ever had.

• He sees the world in metaphors and analogies.

• It comes as a surprise to people that he sometimes prefers to be a wallflower.

When Kevin isn’t sharing his passion for technology, bravely putting his marketing opinions out there and solving his clients’ biggest problems, he enjoys spending time with his wife Heather and their daughters Holland and Kingston. He also likes hanging out with the only other male in the house, a somewhat girly Cocker Spaniel named Roger.

Kevin’s email – kevin at changeitmarketing dot com

Bio via – Cats Eye Marketing

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