Are you hiding behind social media?

Something I deal with every time I write on this blog or even tweet, is my tendency to hide.   Am I truly being me, or am I pretending to be the person I want the online community to think I am?

I am currently reading the book “The Silence of Adam”.  It is a Christian book that talks about how men should really act.  I came across the quote below, and it made me think about social media, how I learn, and my fears.

“Men are easily threatened. And whenever a man is threatened, when he becomes uncomfortable in places within himself that he does not understand, he naturally retreats into an arena of comfort or competence, or he dominates someone or something in order to feel powerful.  Men refuse to feel the paralyzing and humbling horror of uncertainty, a horror that could drive them to trust, a horror that could release in them the power to deeply give themselves in relationships. As a results most men feel close to no one……..”

What is holding you back?  Are your fears or uncertainties holding you back form achieving your potential?  Are they holding you back from truly taking a place in social media and joining the conversation, and giving people insight on who you are?

Social media can seem like a vulnerable place.  Putting yourself out there for many to see, and possibly disagree with you.  Yet only once you do that, do you truly find your place, and do you start to develop real relationships.

  • Scott Harris

    Great post. Provocative. As someone that has been an early adopter in the blogging & facebook world, I certainly have felt the tendency to hide. On the other hand, I’m not convinced that social media is the place for full fledged vulnerability. I don’t want to strip for the world. I only have the capacity to be truly known by a few. And right now, that’s ok with me.

  • Kevin Urie

    Good points. One of the reasons we were drawn to the Rock was your blog. It gave us good insight as to who you truly were. It did not seem like you were hiding.

    Everyone can’t be a complete open book, plus most people don’t want all the details of everyone’s life.

    I think the key is to just be yourself, whether you are online, or in the real world.